Ultramar Travel Management is a Radius Travel member. That means we can work with Radius to help you consolidate your travel program regionally or globally.

Why go global with us? We can design a global program unique to your company that delivers quality data reporting and strong local service around the world through the Radius network of best-in-market agencies.

Like us, each of those agencies meets high operating, financial and service standards required for Radius membership. They know their markets the way we know our market, so your travelers and local offices have local resources to turn to – people who understand the language, culture, and all that is distinctive about their market.

At the same time, Radius drives the implementation of your specific requirements across all of your markets and collects accurate and complete data from every agency. Radius then consolidates that data for timely and comprehensive reporting to you.

So if you want all the benefits of a consolidated program together with outstanding local service and support in markets throughout the world, we can help you.

The Radius Network consists of:

  • 23,000 professionals
  • 80 Countries
  • 3,300 Locations
  • Gross Sales > $23 Billion USD

We Take You Global with Radius Travel

We are a 30% equity partner in Radius and North America's largest partner.

To learn more, contact Allison Davis at allison.davis@ultramartravel.com.